The natural beauty of New Zealand makes it the ideal destination for couples who are looking for the perfect romantic getaway. Beyond the incredible luxury hotels and resorts where they may get their accommodations, there are some popular spots that will make their trip everything they hoped it would be.

Hell’s Gate in Rotorua

2527143051_6f3763e54e_zAlthough the name of this destination sounds anything but romantic, the Mud Spa will provide couples with an incredible experience through each of their senses. The mud volcano and pools of boiling mud, steaming fumaroles, and the Southern Hemisphere’s largest hot waterfall make this an experience every couple should share.

Waiheke Island Wine Tours

The scenic island can be reached by ferry where couples will start their experience enjoying the beautiful scenery from the Hauraki Gulf. A tour of three of the top vineyards will give them the opportunity to enjoy wine tasting in a private setting that is just right for their time alone.

Otago Peninsula

CNN once rated this area as one of the most romantic regions worldwide. Albatrosses, blue penguins, sea lions, and seals are the ideal companions on the beach while the ballroom of Larnach Castle offers a romantic setting that is like no other in the country for having tea. There is even a Lover’s Leap lookout where couples can enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

Lake Tekapo

This destination is one of the most popular ones for weddings of brides and grooms around the world. Couples can have their wedding at the Church of the Good Shepherd or head to the springs for a nice relaxing soak. Mt John Observatory is the perfect place for sky watching at night and seeing the beauty of the clear New Zealand sky.

The idea of what is romantic may vary from one couple to the next. New Zealand offers natural beauty, incredible sunsets, and some of the most exciting adventures for couples to enjoy. Whatever their pleasure, they are certain to find the perfect destination in this exquisite country.