Some tourists who come to New Zealand do so with the intent of seeing as much of the natural beauty in the country as they can. For others, it’s an opportunity to try something new and challenge their senses while testing their nerve. There are many opportunities for adventurers to enjoy a new and thrilling experience during their stay.

Bungy Jumping

Even those who have never tried bungy jumping may be inspired to give it a try in the place where it all began. There are a number of places where adventurers can give bungy a try in a different setting. The highest bungy spot is at the top of the Nevis but the Auckland Harbour Bridge on the Waikato River may have the most interesting view.


Even old pros at skydiving will find new excitement in watching the one-of-a-kind views that unfold below them. There are multiple locations throughout New Zealand where skydiving is offered.


rafting-293542_960_720 (1)The country offers a number of unique and thrilling venues for rafting from the world’s highest waterfall in the world in Rotorua to the river rapids that offer rapids from grade 1 to grade 5 for all levels of rafting enthusiasts.

Jet Boating

Nothing will give adventurers more of a rush than the powerful feel of a jet boat as it soars by the Huka Falls.

Zip Lining

Adventurers can fly through the tree tops and take in the awesome views of the wilderness and landscapes or combine river tubing with their zip lining package for an even more exciting experience.


New Zealand is home to some of the most challenging and incredible caving systems of any destination around the globe. Choose between walking and black water rafting through the Waitomo Caves for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For tourists looking for adventure, New Zealand is home to some of the most exciting activities combined with unique scenic views that make them the most outstanding adventures to be found.